Top 5 Yoga Poses for Delayed Periods

How to Get Regular Periods Naturally: Top 5 Yoga Poses for Delayed Periods

Many women experience the inconvenience and discomfort of irregular menstrual cycles, which can be caused by various factors including stress, hormonal imbalances, and lifestyle choices. Fortunately, natural methods such as yoga can be highly effective in promoting menstrual regularity. Yoga not only helps in reducing stress, which is a common culprit behind hormonal disruptions but also aids in enhancing the functioning of the reproductive organs by improving blood flow and balancing the endocrine system.

Here, we explore five yoga poses that are particularly beneficial for those experiencing delayed periods. These poses are chosen for their effectiveness in stimulating the pelvic and abdominal areas, enhancing circulation, and promoting hormonal balance.

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Bhujangasana is known for its ability to increase the heat in the body, stimulate abdominal organs, and regulate the thyroid gland, all of which are essential for hormonal balance.

How to do it:
• Lie on your stomach with your toes flat on the floor and your forehead resting on the ground.
• Keep your legs close together, with your feet and heels lightly touching each other.
• Place your hands (palms downwards) under your shoulders, keeping your elbows parallel and close to your torso.
• Taking a deep breath in, slowly lift your head, chest, and abdomen while keeping your navel on the floor.
• Pull your torso back and off the floor with the support of your arms.
• Keep breathing with attention on your back, imagining your back is bending more and more with each breath.
• After a comfortable duration, gently bring your abdomen, chest, and head back to the floor.

2. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Ustrasana is effective for improving blood circulation to the ovaries and uterus, creating conditions favorable for a balanced menstrual cycle.

How to do it:
• Kneel on the yoga mat and place your hands on the hips.
• Your knees should be aligned with the shoulders and the soles of your feet should be facing the ceiling.
• As you inhale, draw in your tailbone towards the pubis as if being pulled from the navel.
• Simultaneously, arch your back and slide your palms over your feet till the arms are straight.
• Do not strain or flex your neck but keep it in a neutral position.
• Stay in this posture for a few breaths.
• Exhale and slowly return to the initial pose. Withdraw your hands and bring them back to your hips as you straighten up.

3. Janu Sirsasana (Head-to-Knee Forward Bend)

Janu Sirsasana calms the mind and heart, which can help alleviate the stress that often exacerbates menstrual irregularities.

How to do it:
• Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out straight in front of you.
• Bend the left knee and place the left foot against the right thigh, keeping the left knee on the floor.
• Inhale and raise both arms above your head, stretching upwards.
• Exhale and bend forward from the hip joints, chin moving toward the toes. Place your hands on your leg wherever they reach without straining.
• Keep your spine extended and focus on moving forward rather than down.
• Hold this pose for 1-3 minutes, then inhale as you come back up, stretching the arms above your head. Exhale and lower the arms.
• Repeat on the other side.

4. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)

This pose helps stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic area, thereby nourishing the reproductive organs and improving their functioning.

How to do it:
• Start on your hands and knees, with your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips.
• Spread your palms, index fingers slightly turned out, and tuck your toes under.
• Exhale and lift your knees away from the floor. At first, keep the knees slightly bent and the heels lifted away from the floor.
• Lengthen your tailbone away from the pelvis and press it lightly toward the pubis. Against this resistance, lift the sitting bones toward the ceiling, and from your inner ankles draw the inner legs up into the groins.
• Hold this position for a few breaths, then bend your knees to release and come back to your hands and knees.

5. Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose)

Often referred to as the pose for all ailments, Viparita Karani is particularly beneficial for easing menstrual discomfort and helping regulate the cycle.

How to do it:
• Sit facing a wall with your buttocks close to it.
• Lie back and extend your legs up the wall.
• Your back should be flat on the ground, and your legs should be resting against the wall, forming an L-shape with your body.
• You can place a small cushion under your hips for added comfort.
• Keep your arms at your sides, palms facing up.
• Stay in this pose for 5-10 minutes, breathing deeply.

Incorporating these yoga poses into your routine can help manage the symptoms of delayed periods and lead to better reproductive health. However, it’s important to practice regularly and give your body time to adjust and respond to the exercises. As always, if irregularities persist, it is wise to consult with a healthcare provider.