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Helping people on their journey to get better health through AlterNATIVE HEALTH remedies which have historic and clinical evidence of relieving and soothing the existing medical conditions.

Health Plan

How is it helpful for the healthplans

Though 38 % of the US population use AlterNATIVE HEALTH, there is no proper platform which deals with AlterNATIVE HEALTH on the whole. AlterNATIVE HEALTH will fill in that gap and be the Tele provider of all aspects of AlterNATIVE HEALTH.

Our analysis and research indicates that at least 10 percent of the population will prefer alternative medicine to try first instead of going for incisions or surgeries. And most of them may get relieved or cured in that process. For a patient some surgeries can be avoided by simple therapies. For health plans huge bills can be avoided when patients opt for alternative medicine instead of traditional.

And now AlterNATIVE.HEALTH comes up with an awesome program.
  • Complete access to AlterNATIVE.HEALTH platform comprising 1000+ alternative treatment specialists all over the world at all times.
  • Health supplements will be shipped directly to the customer at a nominal charge.
    Unlimited visits with $10 fixed copay per visit.

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