10 Best Music Therapy Doctors in Hyderabad

Music Therapy is the use of music and its elements with a patient or a group of people in a process destinated to make communication, learning or expression easier and also to promote it.

In this blog, we have come up with a list of Music Therapy doctors that are offering excellent services.

Dr. Hariharan M

Dr. M. Hariharan

Foremost Music Therapist and Sound Healer
M.A., M .Mus.., M..Ed., Ph.D., Ph.D (Hon. ) USA
  • Dr. M. Hariharan is  a Vocal Performing Musician having trained from the age of 7 in both the systems of Indian Music ( North and South Indian Tradition). 
  • He has composed and released 26 Audio CD’s and 3 DVD’s on Indian Music Therapy with Musical melodies through traditional Indian Musical instruments like Sitar, Tambura, Tabla, Veena, Violin, Flute, Santur, Mridangam, Jaltarangam etc. 
Dr.Shambhavi Das

Dr. Shambhavi Das

Founder Surdemy centre for music therapy
Doctor of Philosophy
  • Dr. Shambhavi Das is an Indian Classical Vocalist, Music Therapist and founder of Surdemy, which offers Music Lessons and also Therapy Sessions. 
  • Through Music Therapy I help children with disabilities like Autism, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Downs, Hypertension. And also adults suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, Insomnia, MDD, OCD etc. 
  • I am also achieving special Music Therapy Training (Healing through Chakra Activation by renowned Music therapist Dr. Rajam Shankar. 
Dr. Sreelatha P

Dr. P. Sreelatha

30 years of experience
Degree in Music, Certificate Course in Music Therapy, Ph.D.
  • Dr. P. Sreelatha is an experienced Music Trainer and Therapist based at Kerala, India.
  • She facilitates positive changes in people’s emotional wellbeing and communication through engagement in live musical interaction.

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    Sujata Nayar

    Dr. Sujata Nayar

    10 + years of experience
    M.A. (English) B. Ed, Music Therapy from Nada Center for Music Therapy
    • Sujata Nayar worked with various educational institutions in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai
    • She is integrating Music with Language learning, helping children to enhance the experience of expression, building self-confidence and self advocacy.

    Dr. Chandrakant Sambhaji Pandav

    10 years of experience
    • Dr. Chandrakant Sambhaji Pandav is the former Professor and Head of the Department of Centre for Community Medicine (CCM) at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India.
    • Dr Pandav was conferred with the prestigious “Padma Shri” Award – 2021 for his Exceptional and Distinguished Service in the Field of Medicine.

    Dr. Rashmi Ethiraju

    13 + years of experience
    Certified Music therapist from NADA centre of Music Therapy, MS in psychotherapy and counselling
    • Rashmi Ethiraju is a Music Therapist at Bangalore, India. her Music Therapy journey (13 years and still going on)… Certified Music therapist from NADA centre of Music Therapy and MS in psychotherapy and counselling, PGD in SEN, Certificate in Counselling Teachers and Certificate in Teaching)“ Be the change that you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi said; is what I always believe.
    •  She have been growing as a resource person giving lecture demonstrations on different dimensions of Music Therapy.
    Dr.Sri latha Chandrasekaran

    Dr. Srilatha Chandrasekaran

    1 years of experience
    Post Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy, NADA Center for Music Therapy
    • Sri Latha Chandrasekaran is an India based music therapist.
    • Semiconductor industry professional, homemaker, trained Carnatic vocalist, Bass singer in an international Barbershop chorus currently pursuing PG Diploma in Music therapy to make a difference with my music

    Dr. Srinivasa Kumaran

    22 years of experience
    Master In Computer Science (M.Sc), Elite part of IIM Alumni and Certified Scrum Master & NLP Practitioner from IPANLP along with Ph.D. in Integrated Medicine.
    • Dr. Srinivasa Kumaran is the founder of Yellow Buddhii, a transformational institute where every individual realises their true potential and goes through a transforming experience of understanding their true capabilities, being thought leaders and considerate human beings through a scientific approach that awakens the mind at the deeper levels. 
    • Dr. Srinivasa has the transformed lives of more than 800 children in addition to bringing breakthroughs to the lives of about 50 special children. 
    Santosh Digambar Ghatpand

    Dr. Santosh Digambar

    Founder at “Anahat Music Therapy”
    Certified Music Therapist, NLP Practitioner, ICF certified Life Coach, Competent Leader from Toastmasters International, Six Sigma Green Belt, ITIL, CS, LLB
    • Santosh Digambar is a music therapist at Pune, India.Completed 18 months exhaustive Certification in Music Therapy (Music combined with studies of psychology and medicine), in 2012.
    • Trained 1500+ participants across India, USA, Australia, UAE to launch their career in the field of Music Therapy Conducted 1000+ Global Workshops

    Sr. Divya Mathew

    Post Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Veena)
    • Sr Divya Mathew is a music therapist in Kerala, India with a Post Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy (Chennai School of Music Therapy) and Bachelor of Performing Arts (Veena).
    • Sr Divya plans, develops and delivers music therapy interventions to meet the clients’ needs.

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